You can purchase ready made bags, which are currently available in stock in special prices. These bags are not in regular sale, please email or call us to check the current prices and availability. 

Paper bags with glossy or matt lamination. White or coloured ropes. Different sizes (WxGxH):  18x7x13, 12x12x36 (bottle bag), 18x8x22,5 (A5), 22x7x16 (A5 landscape), 22x10x30 (A4), 24×9/10×35 (A4), 50x12x37,8 (L).  

Eco-friendly paper bags from white (coated or uncoated) or brown paper. Different sizes (WxGxH): 12x9x37 (bottle bag),  24x9x32 (A4), 24x9x36 (A4), 24x10x35 (A4), 30x10x22 (A4 landscape).

Coloured paper bags in different sizes (WxGxH): 11x9x39 (bottle bag), 14x6x20 (S), 16x8x24 (A5), 27x10x36 (A4), 35x11x32, 38x11x35 (A3).

Elegant paper bags made out of special papers in different sizes (WxGxH): 10x6x14 (XS), 24x10x32 (A4), 24x9x33 (A4).